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Pop Up Power Points

Pop Up Power Points as one of the most efficient and convenient ways to charge your most essential devices, pop-up power sockets have become incredibly popular over the past few years. Able to be seamlessly integrated into even the busiest of spaces, Modern Power Solutions is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of quality pop-up power dock solutions.

Explore our collection of pop-out electrical outlets online todayAll available for purchase from our online store, shopping for the best quality pop-up electrical outlet and wireless chargers are a must-have for offices, schools, kitchens, workbenches and more. 

Shop our collection online today to get connected to a wide variety of powerful, concealed table and pop-up wall outlets. Need help with your online order? Please feel free to contact our customer service team for additional support.


Where can I install a pop-up power outlet?

Due to their easy-to-install nature, our selection of pop-up power sockets can be installed in almost any location. With many of our customers choosing to install their pop-out electrical outlets in places like their kitchen, office, work desks, study spaces, and more, you can use our incredibly versatile power solutions wherever you need them most.

What are the benefits of pop-up electrical outlets?

Able to be integrated into any space, pop-up power outlets provide powerful charging capabilities without taking up valuable space. Often installed into workbenches, tables or on walls, our selection of pop-up power sockets can help ensure that all of your most essential devices have access to the power they need when they need it.

Where can I buy concealed pop-up sockets online?

Our team at Modern Power Solutions is proud to offer high-quality power solutions to the people of Australia. Always committed to excellent service and quality products, there is no better place to buy custom pop-up electrical outlets online!